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About Us

Our promise to bring high quality and sustainable caravan products to you and your Family.

Our Family

I am Carley, a mother to four gorgeous kids ranging from 11 to 22!  Camping in the great outdoors of Australia has always been our preferred way to holiday.   Over the years, we have tried and tested the basic tent, camper trailer, pop tops,  various caravans and have now settled for a double bunk 21foot semi off road Wonderland RV which we really love.

Our Inspiration

Making the caravan beds had always been a terrible task.  The combination of ill fitting sheets and limited products on the market led us to creating our own range.

Ensuring that our range offered a blend of comfort, luxury, family friendlieness and practicality has been a top priority. This is why all our products come in deep earthy hues designed to conceal the inevitable dirt and stains typically found on white.

We care about our environment and the people in it.  As avid travelers exploring the beauty of our country, we have made a conscious choice to exclusively provide Eco-friendly & sustainable options. 

Car and Caravan Coober Peedy

Our Committment to sustainability

At the heart of our commitment lies the use of Eco-friendly materials and sustainable processes in crafting our products. We take immense pride in delivering the carravanning industry with top quality, luxurious products while minimizing our environmental footprint.

While we acknowledge that all manufacturing processes have some environmental impact, we consciously prioritise products and materials that are less detrimental and have a reduced ecological footprint.  Our deep respect for the environment drives us to play our part in preserving and nurturing the world we call home.