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100% Eco-Friendly Mattress Toppers

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and luxury with our Organic Bamboo Caravan Mattress Toppers. We have toppers for standard bed sizes and caravan beds ensuring an exceptional sleep experience at home and for your adventures on the road.


  • Dark Colours to Hide the Dirt
  • Ultimate Comfort
  • Dust Mite Resistance
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Natural Thermal Regulation
  • FSC Certified (farmed in sustainable forests)


We understand that caravans are often a family retreat, where the bed serves as a haven for relaxation and play.
You can now have the same luxurious comfort while you sleep, on holidays as you do at home!
Transform your sleep with our best-selling mattress toppers!


  • Bunk 190cm x 75cm x 20cm
  • Single 193cm x 92cm x 40cm
  • Double 193cm x 138cm x 40cm
  • Queen 203cm x 153cm x 40cm
  • Short Queen 193cm x 153cm (For beds with no bolster)

Eco Friendly Certification

The processing of bamboo into fabrics is far gentler on the environment than cotton production. This is because the practices and processes used in the production of our bamboo fabrics are of the highest standards from start to finish, resulting in an end product that is truly Eco-friendly, sustainable, and much safer for you and your family.