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Silent Waterproof Mattress Protectors

At Ecoluxe Travel Decor, we’ve created a caravan mattress protector that’s tailor-made for caravan living. We understand the unique challenges of life on the road, and our product is designed to meet these challenges head-on.  Due to the popularity of our caravan bed mattress protectors, we have introduced RTT and standard bed sizes.


  • Stain-Resistant Dark Colours
  • Soft and Silent
  • Woven Jacquard Knit Bamboo Surface
  • RPET Skirt
  • TPU Waterproof Backing
  • No Plastic Clinkling Sounds!

Concealed and Silent Waterproof Protection

Our protectors boast a soft and silent waterproof lining made from Bamboo. Perfect for Families, and giving peice of mind knowing your mattress is clean and safe.
Designed with dark colors specifically to hide dirt and unwanted marks that are all too common on white bedding. Say goodbye to the hassle of constant cleaning and hello to a more carefree caravan experience.



Our mattress protectors are now available in Caravan, Standard bed and Roof Top Tent sizes.

    Eco Friendly Certification

    The processing of bamboo into fabrics is gentle on the environment.  This is because the practices and processes used in the production of our bamboo fabrics are of the highest standards from start to finish, resulting in an end product that is truly eco-friendly, sustainable, and much safer for you and your family.

    Caravan Sizes:

    • Bunk 190cm x 75cm x 20cm
    • Double 193cm x 138cm x 40cm
    • Short Queen 193cm x 153cm x 40cm
    • Queen 203cm x 153cm x 40cm

      Standard Sizes:

      • Long Single 203 x 92 x 40cm
      • King Single 203 x 107 x 40cm
      • Double 193 x 138 x 40cm
      • Queen 203 x 153 x 40cm
      • King 203 x 183 x 40cm
      • Super King 203 x 203 x 40cm

      RTT Sizes:

      • 210 x 130 x 10cm
      • 210 x 130 x 10cm
      • 240 x 140 x 10cm
      • 200 x 150 x 10 cm
      • 220 x 150 x 10cm