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Caravan Bunk Mattress Protector

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Caravan bunk mattress protector made from soft breathable bamboo.  Features an environmentally friendly TPU waterproof lining that is totally silent to sleep on and gentle on the skin.  190cm long x 75cm wide x 20cm skirt.

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Introducing the Caravan Bunk Mattress Protector: A Smart Choice for Family Comfort

Say hello to our Caravan Bunk Mattress Protector! In the caravan, beds are not only for sleeping but also for play times, and accidents can happen. That’s where our protector comes in handy, offering both comfort and protection.

Why Our Protector is Awesome:

  • Looks Great and Hides Mess: We’ve picked a cool dark grey color that doesn’t show dirt and marks as much as white bedding does. So, no need to worry about spills and stuff.
  • Nice and Soft: The top part of the protector is made from soft bamboo, making your bed cozy and comfy.
  • No More Wet Surprises: We added a special waterproof layer underneath that doesn’t make any noise and keeps your mattress dry. You won’t even notice it’s there!
  • Fits Well and Looks Good: The protector has rounded corners at the foot of the bed, so it fits neatly. Plus, the bamboo and waterproof combo looks cool together.

For Happy Caravan Moments:

Enjoy your time in the caravan, whether you’re sleeping or playing. Our protector is here to make sure your bed is comfy and safe. No need to worry about spills or messes.

Caravan Bunk Mattress Protector Features:

  • 190cm x 75cm x 20cm.
  • Organic bamboo woven upper
  • TPU waterproof lining
  • Packaged in a matching carry bag
  • Light weight
  • Luxurious
  • OEKO-TEX Certified.


This durable and flexible material forms a robust barrier against moisture while remaining safe and non toxic.  Mattress protector manufacturers often combine TPU lining with other materials such as bamboo or cotton to create a comfortable and breathable surface that maintains its waterproof properties. TPU waterproof lining is an effective and commonly used method for protecting products from water damage.

Care Instructions:

Machine wash in cold with similar colours and dry in the shade.


Because we believe small changes can make a big impact, we’re reducing our environmental footprint step by step.  Embrace a greener future with our Eco friendly packaging commitment at Ecoluxe Travel Decor.  As small changes can make a big impact, so we’re reducing our footprint step by step.

We use Eco-friendly options, like compostable bags, ensuring your order arrives safely while nurturing the Earth.

Join us on this sustainable journey. Each package represents conscious choices and responsible practices, unwrapping a future that’s both bright and green.



Additional information
Weight .7 kg
Dimensions 23 × 27 × 6 cm
Mattress Protector

Bunk Single, Caravan Double, Caravan Queen

  1. Lexi Draper

    These are a game changer! Best quality and so well priced!

  2. Sarah Cameron

    Great value for money! The quality is excellent! Thanks for a great product.

  3. Amanda Osborne

    So soft. Fits the bunk bed really well and definitely does the job in protecting the mattress.

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